Fun interactive city games

We create interactive city games that you play on your smartphone or tablet while your location controls your game character. Think of Pokémon Go but with a set duration and a fun and exciting game theme.
On your screen you will see a map of the city you are in. The map is augmented with a virtual layer of objects that you can interact with during the game.
During a game you walk around and discover new items and locations and encounter virtual game characters that walk around on the map.
You can play our games at a location of your own choice on a date and time that is convenient to you. You will explore the city in a completely new way and discover places you have never been before. Great to play on a stag or hen party, as a company outing or with friends and family.


  • Very affordable
  • Play anywhere in the world
  • Free app download
  • Online booking
Sherlock screenshot
Sherlock photo assignment
Sherlock photo assignment
Sherlock photo assignment
Sherlock photo assignment