How it works

You can play our city games on your own phone or tablet. You need an Android smartphone or Apple iPhone / iPad (iOS 10 or higher) with an active 3G/4G data connection.
The games can be played with one or more teams that each need their own smartphone. Each team should consist of a maximum of 5 people.
When you want to play one of our games you can buy a game code for the city of your choice. You can play the game at a date and time that is convenient to you.
The steps you need to take to play our games are:

  • Order a game code for the number of teams that will participate.
  • We will create a custom game area for you at the location you indicated
  • We will then send you detailed instructions how to play the game and a personal game code that each team should use.
  • Read the instructions
  • Install the game on your own phone (one phone per team)
  • Go to the area you want to play in, start the game and enter your personal game code!

What you get

  • A custom made game field at a location of your choice
  • A detailed manual with download and game instructions
  • Two hours of fun for your group
  • A personal photo album as a keepsake
  • A game summary in your e-mail afterwards


  • Favorably priced so you save money that you can use for other things
  • You can determine when you play the game
  • You explore a city in a completely different way
  • Unique interactive experience
  • Ideal as a bachelor party or company outing
  • You can play it on your own phone
  • All games are playable in English, German, French and Dutch